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Pavilion Resource Fund

Pavilion is a tax advantaged entry point for a diverse portfolio of resource investments designed to provide a return on the invested capital.

The Fund highlights Accilent Capital’s strengths and experience in commodities, small and micro-cap investing, as well as our ability to work with other specialists within the investing community.

Investing in Flow-Through Limited Partnerships can be an important aspect of tax planning. Contact us today to learn how you can build an investment that is capable of enhancing cash flow year after year.

Benefits of Flow-Through

Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) of 100% and Mineral Exploration Tax Credits (METC) of up to 15% make Pavilion a tax efficient investment.
All amounts received from the fund count as capital gains, instead of income, and any available capital losses can be used against these gains to further lower your taxes.
An excellent strategy for investors who wish to receive all of the tax benefits of Flow-through shares plus portfolio diversification

Why Pavilion?

Pavilion is an actively managed fund, which means that the fund will sell shares and return money to investors in the most efficient way, which maximizes the benefits while limiting risks due to the relative illiquidity of the market.

Why do our clients trust us with their investment?

In the years since its inception, Pavilion funds have held the number one position in terms of unit values more often than any other Flow-Through fund available*.
Unlike other Flow-Through funds, Pavilion is actively managed and sells shares when the time is right.
*Based on data compiled by Accilent Capital Management Inc. from publicly available sources believed to be accurate including; news releases; issuer web sites and; SEDAR filings.

Who can benefit by Investing in Pavilion?

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Savings Estimate

    In Ontario, exempt market investments are limited to Accredited Investors only.

    Preferred Method

    A Quick Glance at Pavilion Flow-through Funds

    Listen to the President of Accilent Capital Management Inc., Dan Pembleton, as he
    explains the key concepts of flow-through funds and current strategies to maximize tax credits.

    Our Flow-through Fund can increase retirement savings, prevent clawbacks, and reduce taxable income.

    Contact us for a free estimate of the taxes you could save this year while diversifying your portfolio into Canadian natural resources.

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