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How Advisors Can Optimize Client Portfolios Using Alternative Investments

While each subcategory of alternative investments will offer its own unique benefits, there are three common reasons advisors would recommend alternative investments to their clients.

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Market View – 2022-03 – BoC raises interest rate to 0.50%

The Bank of Canada has raised the interest rate to 0.50%. Dan and Mark discuss what comes next.

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Market View – 2022-03 – Commodities

Mark and Dan discuss the outlook for commodities in the current environment.

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The Pursuit of Asymmetric Returns

Favourable asymmetric returns occur when the upside potential is greater than the downside risk. How does Pavilion create an opportunity for asymmetric returns?

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Market View – 2022-03 – The Invasion of Ukraine

In this video, Dan Pembleton and Mark Taucar discuss the economic consequences of the invasion of Ukraine.

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The Flow-Through Ladder ™ – what it is – how it works

The Pavilion Flow-Through Ladder ™ is a tax-saving and investment strategy, based on a concept similar to building a bond investment ladder…

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